Few days in Berlin

I had the chance to go to Berlin for my job, a full week in the capital of Germany in the middle of autumn and its beautiful light.  Going back to Europe is always special for me. I rediscover things that I have forgotten. The small little things that we don't really take care about everyday like the cobble stoned streets, signs, drinks and food, different car models... I have been to Berlin before, a few years ago before I moved to Canada. I was happy to come back because I know that Berlin is a great city. Great to live and great to visit. It was also a nice opportunity to see some of my very good German friends.

As usual when I am in a new city, I walk around with my camera to catch souvenirs to bring with me. To show the ambiance and the colors. Berlin is big, alive, full of history and creativity. People look relaxed. My exploration brought me in lots of different places: the old Templehof airport which is now an amazing park, the museum of photography, the streets of Kreuzerg, Neukölln or Prenzlaeur Berg, the bank of the Spree, the festival of Light, Alexander Platz, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building, Maeurpark and its flea market and the biggest karaoke of the world, the East Side Gallery...

Here is a selection of photographs from that beautiful week end in the capital of Germany: Berlin, a city where we always want to return.


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