Travel in Nantes

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I have always found it difficult to photograph a place that I know well. A place where I grew up, where I live or lived. When you are used to things, you don't really see them anymore. And to photograph when you don't see things, it becomes complicated.

It is now more than three years that I have lived in Canada and I feel like it is enough time to rediscover where I am from. I am now more used to the architecture and organization of North American cities. So, when I come back to my old Europe, I have a better understanding of what makes our identity and history. I can see more details that I could not see anymore, to be back at home has suddenly an exotic side.

This time, I spent one day in my native city of Nantes. A beautiful winter day where the sun almost stays at the horizon and creats this unique light. We hung out in the downtown and I tried to catch the Nantes identity. A city of history, culture and art. I am not pretending that I took the beautiful side of Nantes but I caught what I like in it.

I share here with you a few pictures of this unique city.

Thank you for reading. ;)

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